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Glass Coating Solutions to Customize Your Shower

Glass Coating Solutions to Customize Your Shower

Your shower is about more than just getting your hair and body clean; it can also add some serious visual interest to your bathroom, even becoming the focal point of the room. Here at DeSola Glass, we offer several treatments for your shower glass to keep it protected from damage and make it look fantastic. Here's a look at some of our most popular options. 


Diamon-Fusion is an easy-to-clean glass protection option that you can use for your shower. Once applied, this barrier stops stains from occurring and decreases your cleaning time by 90 percent! Diamon-Fusion glass coating is a worthwhile investment as you save yourself time from extra cleaning and money as you avoid purchasing harsh chemicals. This coating solution will make your shower the highlight of your bathroom.


ShowerGuard is similar to ClearShield in that it protects your shower glass, but it takes this protection and cleanliness to the next level. This coating solution creates a permanent seal around the surface of your shower glass. What this means for you is that you won't have to worry about chemical corrosion and other microscopic damage to your glass. Even if you can't see this type of damage at first, over time, it can make your glass look spotted and dirty, even when you have just cleaned it. With ShowerGuard, you'll never have to worry about hard water residue, heat damage or complications from using harsh, abrasive cleaning products. ShowerGuard requires no ongoing care or maintenance other than regular cleaning. 

ClearShield™  is a unique protective coating that is designed to make cleaning your shower easier than ever. With this treatment, your shower glass will stay cleaner for much longer, as it resists the spots that result from having hard water in your area.

Glass Pattern Options 

Keeping your shower clean and pristine is great, but neither Diamon-Fusion nor ShowerGuard changes the look of your shower glass. That is why we offer a variety of decorative glass coatings to give your shower glass a whole new look. Some patterns create the illusion of cascading water, while others deliver a frosty appearance. No matter what style of décor you have in your bathroom, from traditional to contemporary, we have a glass treatment that will complement your decorative theme. 

Create Your Dream Shower 

No rule says your shower needs to look plain and boring. At DeSola Glass, Art & Frame Gallery, we would be happy to help you transform your shower from merely functional to stunningly beautiful. Our bathroom design experts can answer your questions about our glass coatings and can help you choose the most appropriate glass treatments for your decorative style. Stop by our showroom or get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can transform your bathroom into one of your favorite rooms in your home. 

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